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Current Students

Portrait of Lily Anderson

Meredith Aulds

Meredith is a PhD student in Anthropology at Purdue. She earned her BA in Anthropology and English, and MA in Anthropology, from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. Her master’s thesis examined the relationship between fusion of the sacroiliac joint and reproductive status in a human skeletal population. At Purdue, Meredith’s research will focus on reproduction in living humans. She is examining the costs and benefits of the home birth movement in relation to maternal and infant health, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Meredith is also interested in health care practice and recently began working as a doula.

Portrait of Lily Anderson

Lauren Christopher

Lauren Christopher is pursuing an MPH and MA/PhD in Anthropology at Purdue. She received her BA with Honors in Psychology and Anthropology from Hunter College in 2016. Her honors thesis investigated heightened energy expenditure in forager horticulturalists, specifically a remote community of the Shuar from Ecuador. Her research interests include maternal and infant health of indigenous groups. For her MPH, she is currently involved in the accreditation process with Navajo County, Arizona. For her MA and PhD, she will be exploring research themes in energetics, sanitation, and the impact of changing medicinal practices in Central and South American indigenous groups.

Portrait of Lily Anderson

Valerie Tucker Miller

Valerie is a PhD student who received her BA (Anthropology) and MA (Psychology) from the University of West Florida. Her Master’s thesis investigated effects of motherhood on attentional network functioning and protective factors associated with maternal cognition in a U.S. sample. For her dissertation, she continues this research in a comparative population. With funding from the Purdue Research Foundation, she spent the 2019-2020 academic year investigating motherhood, stress, and attentional functioning in a rural village in Dominica.

Alumni Students

Portrait of Lily Anderson

Lily Anderson

Lily is a LABOR alumni who earned her BA in Anthropology from Purdue University in 2017. She is now in a fully-funded MD/PhD program at Michigan State University. Lily plans to become an OBGYN and medical anthropologist. Her research interests include pregnancy and birth, reproductive health, Amish health, and homebirth politics.

Portrait of Asaf

Sunny Asaf

Sunny Asaf is a LABOR alumni who completed her BA in May 2018. Her senior honors thesis, “Hydration, Lactation, and Child Health Outcomes in the Yucatec Maya” appeared in a Springer Anthology, "Environment and Health in the Yucatan Peninsula: A Human Ecology Perspective." Sunny currently serves in AmeriCorps in the Richland County Health Department, Montana.

Portrait of Jill Inderstrodt-Stephens

Jill Inderstrodt

Jill holds a PhD in Health Communications (2018) and a Masters of Public Health (2020) from Purdue University. She worked as a maternal-child health researcher at LABOR for two years and is currently a LABOR affiliate. Her dissertation research interrogated intersections of resilience, academic persistence, and Family Communication Patterns (FCPs) in neighborhoods with high environmental stress. Jill is also an Associate Professor of Communication at Ivy Tech Community College in Indianapolis.

Portrait of Sydney Tuller

Sydney Tuller

Sydney is a LABOR alum who completed her Master's degree in Anthropology (2019). Her Master's thesis examined the interrelationships between maternal stature, obstetric complications and reproductive health outcomes in the Yucatec Maya.

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