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Portrait of Jill Inderstrodt-Stephens

Portrait of Sydney Tuller

Portrait of Valerie Miller

Portrait of Lily Anderson

Jill Inderstrodt-Stephens

Jill holds a PhD in Health Communications from Purdue University and will complete her Masters of Public Health this year. She worked as a maternal-child health researcher at LABOR for two years. Her dissertation research interrogates intersections of resilience, academic persistence, and Family Communication Patterns (FCPs) in neighborhoods with high environmental stress. Jill is also an Associate Professor of Communication at Ivy Tech Community College in Indianapolis.

Sydney Tuller

Sydney is a second-year graduate student. She is interested in the effects of stress on early childhood growth and development and female skeletal and reproductive health in marginalized populations. She graduated from the University of Arizona in 2013 and spent the subsequent three years living and working in Mexico as a teacher and an archaeologist. Sydney is pursuing a PhD in biological anthropology and an Master of Public Health with Dr. Veile as her advisor.

Valerie Tucker Miller

Valerie is a second-year PhD student in anthropology. She received her BA in Anthropology in MA in Psychology from the University of West Florida. In her masters thesis, Valerie investigated the lasting effects of motherhood on attentional network functioning and protective factors associated with maternal cognition. For her dissertation work at Purdue University, she will continue this line of research. She plans to investigate maternal cognitive function in a cross-cultural context, integrating biocultural, cognitive and quantitative research approaches.

Lily Anderson

Lily is a LABOR alumni who earned her BA in Anthropology from Purdue University in 2017. She is now in her second year of a fully-funded MD/PhD program at Michigan State University. Lily plans to become an OBGYN and medical anthropologist. Her research interests include pregnancy and birth, reproductive health, Amish health, and homebirth politics.

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